This type can do dosing and filling work. Due to the special professional design, it is suitable for the fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, Albumen powder, rice powder, coffee powder, solid drink, condiment, white sugar, dextrose, food additive, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, and so on.

The hopper could be washed easily without tools.
Servo motor drive screw.
Stainless steel structure,contact parts 304 SS.
Include handwheel of adjustable height.
Replacing the auger parts, it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.

Model DH-L2-R150GH
Hopper Lengthways siamese 45L
Packing weight 1 - 200g
Packing accuracy ≤ 100g, ≤±2%; 100 – 200g, ≤±1%
Filling speed 80 - 240 times per min
Power supply 3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
Total power 1.7 Kw
Total weight 180kg
Overall dimension 930×430×1000mm
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