Rotary Fillers provide high throughput and speeds for even the most demanding production environments. Rotary filling systems operate continuously with product dispensed into funnels traveling on a circular multi-position turret. Containers are transported to the turret by an integral infeed conveyor. Timing screw and starwheel components space and position containers into the turret. Variable speed auger drives operate continuously to dispense product accurately. Product weight is easily adjusted by the operator. Production rates (c.p.m.) are adjusted by varying turret speeds.
Interchangeable container handling parts allowing different sizes and shapes of containers to be accommodated on the same equipment with a minimum of changeover time.
Automated missing container detection to prevent waste and spills.
Turret Height Adjustment- Adjustable height turret feature allows turret to be raised or lowered to accommodate different container heights.
Stainless steel structure level split hopper easily to wash.
Servo-motor and servo driver control the screw keep stable and accurate.
PLC & touch screen make it be easy of operation.
The handwheel make the exchange of different fillings to be easily.
When changing the dosing devece it is suitable for materials ranging from super fine powder to small granular.

 Container Size φ26-60mm H 40-200mm
 Filling Weight 5 – 100g
 Filling Accuracy  ≤ 100g ≤±2%; 100 – 500g,≤±1%
 Filling Speed 20 - 120 bottles/min
 Power Supply  3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz
 Total Power  1.32Kw
 Total Weight  400kg
Overall Dimensions  1800×1050×1610mm
 Hopper Volume  25L
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